Making of Library of Manipur by Monica Ingudam

Sponsors of Library of Manipur 2021-2022

Please consider sponsoring an episode. It will help our team and we will be able to add more audiobooks. Readers are volunteers, funding goes to operations of recording and editing cost. Thanks to everyone who supported our initiative.

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Thanks to our sponsors.


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Your contribution is appreciated, Thagatchari, Thank you.

Your contribution is appreciated, Thagatchari, Thank you.

Your contribution is appreciated, Thagatchari, Thank you.

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6Miranda Ingudam, Delhi, India.3
5Biona Kharrubon, Manipur, India.9
4Shadhana Ningthoujam, Manipur, India.1
3Chitra Laishram, Manipur, India.3
2Facebook and Supporter of facebook 1
1Sales from Art products of Wall Art and journal/Notebook products3
Thanks to each and everyone in building “The Library of Manipur” together.
Library of Manipur is on a mission to createpreserve, promote and giving easy access to audio/video contents of Manipuri books and people of Manipur for generations to come.

Let the words of our ancestors, elders and people lay a strong foundation of knowledge of our roots and identity, healing during low phases in life, giving us strength and inspiration to move forward, evoking the sense of pride, love and unity for Manipur wherever you are in the world.

Monica Ingudam

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