1. How can I become a member of Library Of Manipur?

Fill in the Form https://forms.gle/3mbUV5XQnbJBLhh37 so that we can communicate on members only content and send you a Thagatchari khudol for signing up.

  1. How can I add my book in this library ?
  2. How can I become a volunteer reader ?
  3. How can I help?

Sponsor for audiobooks and become a supporter at Facebook Page https://facebook.com/becomesupporter/IngudamMonica/

Thank you so much for supporting initiatives of Library of Manipur. Let us build the library together.

Library of Manipur is on a mission to createpreserve, promote and giving easy access to audio/video contents of Manipuri books and people of Manipur for generations to come.

Let the words of our ancestors, elders and people lay a strong foundation of knowledge of our roots and identity, healing during low phases in life, giving us strength and inspiration to move forward, evoking the sense of pride, love and unity for Manipur wherever you are in the world.

Monica Ingudam