Library of Manipur

Our Mission

Library of Manipur is on a mission to create, preserve, promote and giving easy access to audio/video contents of Manipuri books and people of Manipur for generations to come.

Let the words of our ancestors, elders and people lay a strong foundation of knowledge of our roots and identity, healing during low phases in life, giving us strength and inspiration to move forward, evoking the sense of pride, love and unity for Manipur wherever you are in the world.

Our History

2017 Started book reading with Khamba thoibi by Hijam Anganghal Singh

2020 Started Manipuri literature live shows at facebook and youtube every saturday.

2021 Founded Library of Manipur on 20th Oct 2021


  1. Saroj Nalini Khomdram
  2. Monica Ingudam

Advisors (2021-2022)

  1. Prof. Nongmaithem Tombi Singh
  2. Dr Jodha Chandra Sanasam ( 20th Nov 1944 – 16th May 2021) , Dr. Biona Kharrubon will continue collaboration on his work.

Committee Members (2021-2022)

  1. Saroj Nalini Khomdram , Educator, Retired Manipuri literature lecturer.
  2. Laishram Chitra Devi, retired district youth coordinator, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Delhi.
  3. Prof. Aruna Nahakpam, Head of Department, Manipuri University. (Chair)
  4. Asst. Prof. Jamuna Laishram, Thambal Marik college, Manipur.
  5. Dr. Shadhana Ningthoujam, Epidemiologist at State TB cell, active volunteer and social worker.
  6. Monica Ingudam, IT professional at USA, founder of FindingTheVoices (Convenor)